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The Cuvée Cru Wine Club  (*Chicagoland Only)

The Cuvée Cru is our monthly wine club membership option that provides various benefits concerning all things wine. As a member of the cru you receive a highly personalized approach to building and enhancing your wine collection. We get to know you and align you with a plan that fits your budget and tasting profile. We then work tirelessly to not only hand-deliver wine on a monthly basis but educate you on them as well. Membership offers great benefits such as quality wine aligning with the cost of your membership, discounts on wines, first access to wine events, and added wine services when needed. Trust us it pays to be apart of the cru!


Wine Taster-$65

Our wine taster membership is perfect for someone who wants to get started in wine or drinks wine or casually. We offer 2 bottles per month for this option. Subscribe to schedule your consultation for us to learn or help you discover your palate.

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Wine Fanatic-$200

The Wine Fanatic membership has a mantra....the more wine the better! This membership offers 4 bottles per month and is great because you have more options to mix and match and customize if you'd like. 

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Wine Aficionado-$650

You want the best and we want it for you. The wine aficionado doesn't just give you the most wine it gives you the best. You will receive 6 premium wines a month at this level. You also receive free wine tastings once a month and 10% off of purchases from the event! This membership is perfect for someone who is invested in trying or collecting incredible wine with artistry and a story to tell.

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Wine Premier-$1500

Quality trumps quantity where you are concerned, and when it comes to wine you want the rare, exceptional, one of a kind bottles that take you on a journey. The Wine Premier member receives not only the absolute best wine, but invitations to exclusive wine events, discounts to wine dinners and specialty in- home tastings (somm for hire) for you and your closest wine friends. Your wine list is 100% customizable Your wine, as well as the total experience is the best we have to offer and we are eager to have you in our premier club!

Inquire below to hear how we can customize your entire wine club membership to fit your style and budget. Your membership should reflect you 100%, just let us know how we can help.


If you are looking for a rare wine, just let us know. Our networks are open to you!

Click below to begin the conversation.

(*Your monthly membership fee includes wine, delivery and concierge service fee)

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