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Drinking Wine

About Us

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Who We Are

The Cuvée Concierge is a wine concierge group that connects its clients to rare wines from all over the world. Our expertise and expansive network within the industry allows us to present rare wine to our clients. We specialize in providing wine that is hard to obtain, but most importantly we excel at client services. We serve as the bridge from wine consumers to wine producers and retailers.

What We Do


With our services, you get to experience wine at a greater level. No longer do you need to look at countless wine bottles in the stores and select wines that you are not sure of. As our client, we take that effort off your plate! We get to know your palate and bring you wine that matches what we have learned about you.  We learn where you are at in your wine journey,  and then provide you mind-blowing, conversation-starting wine! Once determined, your wine collection will flourish to reflect your style. 

Why We Do It

Our "why" is simple. We love wine and want to expand your palate, your collection, and your knowledge. We believe that many of life's great lessons, connections, and business deals have been accomplished over a bottle of wine. We want to equip people with a knowledge base and education about wine to place them in a position to benefit from and enjoy it.  All you have to do is enjoy and collect some of the greatest wines ever made. 

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