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William Hightower

Executive Wine Concierge Director

William Hightower is the wine concierge director for Cuvée Concierge. His passion for connecting people and fine wine has fueled the concept for Cuvée Concierge. William is WSET qualified (Wine & Spirits Education Trust) and has extensive knowledge about all things wine.

He loves sharing what he has learned with wine lovers. His studies include expertise with all wine regions. His focus is bridging the gap between wine makers and consumers. He creates experiential wine events where he not only promotes brands that align with his values, but educates consumers about wine and it's culture.

The core of his vision is bringing people together using wine as the platform. His connections allow rare wines to be placed into the hands of his clients. William believes that if he shares the truth about wine, in a setting creating memorable experiences, it will propel Cuvée Concierge forward to impact the wine industry for years to come!

Wine and Cheese

Curated wine with your palate in mind!

-William Hightower

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